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View of a white church on a green hill in Tiburon
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A nautical town with Bay views

Tiburon is known for its luxury homes, breathtaking views, and unique Mediterranean vibe. The coastal community is quaint and idyllic yet high-class. Locals enjoy shopping along Ark Row, a block of elegant boutiques that were once floating arks, and dining at the delightful restaurants on Main Street. For the nautically inclined, the Tiburon Corinthian Yacht Club and Tiburon Yacht Club provide endless entertainment and activities. The community also boasts a string of parks scattered along its coast. 

Life in Tiburon provides residents a blissful balance between a calm, tranquil environment and easy access to the city via the ferry. The homes are divine, encompassing architectural styles that range from charming cottages to massive glass mansions overlooking the Bay. It's no surprise that for a town that covers a little over 13 square miles, Tiburon has some of the most expensive and highly sought-after real estate in Marin County. 

Whether you are looking to relocate to the community, wish to buy something new, or are interested in selling your home, choose an expert who will help you confidently navigate the market. 


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Favorite Features

  • Breathtaking Bay views
  • Mediterranean-like lifestyle
  • Idyllic community
  • Quaint shops & fantastic restaurants
  • Yacht & tennis clubs
  • Variety of hiking trails
  • Angel Island
  • Corinthian Island
  • Alcatraz

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View of a white church on a green hill in Tiburon
View of Tiburon and the Bay Area at twilight as seen from a balcony
Aerial view of Angel Island and the blue waters of San Francisco Bay
View of Angel Island the a grassy area in Tiburon, CA
A street in Tiburon, featuring shops within the charming community
A bike path runs along the blue waters of the Bay in Tiburon, CA
A nautical photo showing sailboats anchored at the marina in Tiburon, CA
Sun shinning on a luxurious terrace that overlooks the Bay Area
View of a road running along North Bay in Tiburon, CA
Close-up shot of chairs and shop doors along a cobblestone street in Tiburon, CA
View of a ferry in Tiburon CA, showing the Golden Gate Bridge in the background
Teal blue ocean waters and a distant view of Angel Island in Tiburon, CA
A view of sailboats in the marina at Tiburon, CA
Trails leading over a grassy area
View of the bridge leading over the bay to Tiburon, showing brilliant blue ocean waters
Trails scatter throughout a hillside area
A park sign leading into a hiking destination
People crossing a pedestrian bridge to a park area

Neighborhood homes